What is This?!

Blind Galaxy is a space strategy game played using email. That's right, just plain old email-no graphics or special programs to install, just text. Game turns typically run once a week (sometimes twice a week for faster games). When the turn runs, you get a turn report that tells you what your empire looks like; what planets you control, where your ships are, and if anyone has tried to attack you. You then have until the next turn runs to send in your orders. Orders are simple commands to tell your planets what to build and to tell your ships where to move. When the turn finally runs, everyone's orders are run at the same time and then new turn reports are sent to every player again. Did your warships arrive at the enemy homeworld and bomb it? Did you reach the next level of technology? Is your Deathstar fully operational? Check out the new turn and write some more orders.

In between turns, you can also talk to your neighbors. You can form any kind of agreement you like; the game does not force any style on you. It also doesn't enforce any of the agreements you make. So choose your friends carefully. And while you're at it, why not role-play your favorite space empire. It's just email and text so go wild. Also keep in mind that it's a big galaxy out there and you probably can't see most of it. Are there enemy fleets hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce on your peaceful little empire. Better start talking to people and defend yourself.

The deceptively simple rules belie a very complex and enjoyable game. In the course of your empire, you'll need to design better ships than the next guy, organize and grow your empire, cajole and coerce your neighbors, and eventually fight the key battles that will lead your empire to victory. So what are you waiting for?! Check out the help sections, read the rules, and sign up for the next game already.