How to Use this Server

This is not your father's blind galaxy server. I have scripted the mail server a little differently from what you may have used before. So please make no assumptions from past games!

Playing in a Game

You interact with this server through email (and this web page of course). All messages should be sent to galaxy AT If you have any questions feel free to contact me (John) at gm AT Use that first address for server messages, though. And be patient with the second address; I do have a rather demanding full time job.

One important difference between this server and past games is that THIS SERVER DOES NOT READ THE SUBJECT LINE. All messages are specified using the same format; see below. The server will parse your message text and act accordingly. On a related note, you can include multiple blocks in one message (i.e. a couple diplomacy messages and a command all in one message body). That may not be terribly useful but hey, it was only a few more lines of code.

When playing a game, you will get a turn emailed to you after the turn runs (typically midnight Friday morning PST). You have until the next turn runs, usually a week later, to send in orders, send diplomatic messages, and send commands.

The turn runs when the turn runs. It is solely up to the players to get their orders in by the deadline. It isn't fair to the other players to hold up a game or re-run a turn because of mistakes in your orders or bad connectivity. Plan ahead! If you need to take a turn off, let the GM know. If you supply pre-built orders, the GM can usually submit them for you.

In order to reduce bounces from SPAM, the server will silently swallow any messages it does not interpret as valid. Every message will respond to the address that sent the message. If you don't get ANY response, don't assume your orders or command was processed. If you suspect an issue with the server, let the GM know right away. Email servers and SPAM filters can be very obnoxious, so it is best to at least test your email account more than five minutes before the turn runs.

Run forecasts! The first thing you should do when playing a game is to enable forecasts: put the following line "O forecast" in your orders and send them in. With this set, whenever you submit orders, you will get a detailed estimate back of what the turn will probably look like. It won't account for the other players but it is still a good idea to make sure your ships reach their destinations and your production is allocated correctly. You can run as many forecasts as you like (within reason of course, try to keep it under a hundred per turn).

One last issue that should go without saying: no cheating will be tolerated. Knowingly submitting orders for another player without their consent or trying to circumvent the mail scripts is grounds for being permanently ban. This is a game for fun so let's keep it fair and honest.

Sending Orders

Send your orders to the server using the following format. Only the last set sent in will be used when the turn runs. Make sure to enable forecasts to check the orders before the turn runs. The server will not accept orders for a turn once the turn processing starts. So get those orders in before the deadline! For the immediate future, the turns will be run manually so they won't be run exactly at midnight. If you don't see a turn right away, be patient.

	#GALAXY GameName PlayerName Password
	D Ship 1 0 0 0 0
	; Comments have a leading semi-colon.


Sending Diplomacy Messages

Half the fun of Blind Galaxy is contructing complex treaties with your neighbors and role-playing your favorite characters. All messages are sent anonymously so the other players can't identify you. Make sure to include the #END in your message so that pesky footer of yours doesn't get included in your message! You can specify multiple messages in the same #MESSAGE block using different #TO lines.

	#MESSAGE GameName PlayerName Password
	#TO AnotherPlayer YetAnotherPlayer
	This text will be sent to AnotherPlayer and YetAnotherPlayer only.
	#TO OneMorePlayer
	This text will be sent to OneMorePlayer only.



Sending Other Commands

You can issue a couple commands to the server.

Request a Forwardlist (Who Your Empire Can Talk to)

	#COMMAND GameName PlayerName password

Enable Communication between Two Empires

	#COMMAND GameName PlayerName password
	connect AnotherPlayer YetAnotherPlayer