First Orders

John Baldwin

So turn 0 just ran and you're not sure where to get started. Here's a quick checklist for your first set of game orders:

  1. Set a password with the Y command. Blind players are fairly trustworthy, but better safe than sorry! After the next turn runs then you'll write orders like: #GALAXY Sandbox1 PlayerXXX mypass
  2. Change your empire name with the C command. Nobody wants to be known as Player 17 when you can be known as SlipperyWeevils. Just make sure to keep it at 15 characters or less. And avoid most special characters. Dashes and underscores are OK.
  3. Turn on forecasts with the O forecast command. This option will make sure that whenever you send in orders, you'll get a forecast turn report back. So you can double check that everything went down the way you wanted. Turn on any other options you might like here as well. I personally prefer to use O no fullreport, O autounload, and O sortgroups Check out what these and the many other fascinating options do in the rules! Note: you only have to set options, empires names, and passwords on one turn. Every time you send in orders for turn 0, include them but then once turn 1 runs, they will be set. You can change them any other turn, though.
  4. Now the tricky bit, what to do for an opening strategy. You've got one planet and.well nothing else. So you orders will be to design and build something and that's it. So what should it be? There are many opening strategies; here are a few: probes to check out the local neighborhood (1 0 0 0 0), small defenders to stake your claim on worlds around you (1 1 1 0 0), larger defenders to make sure you can keep your worlds (4 1 2 3 0), freighters to start colonizing new worlds (2 0 0 0 1), or maybe a big immobile space station (0 1 35 64 0). Remember that your homeworld is going to keep growing colonists and every turn they don't get put on a new world they don't grow any more. So building freighters may be a good bet. But then where are the best worlds to send them? Maybe probes would be a good bet. But what if another empire wanders into your neighborhood? Maybe a ship to defend your homeworld or some sentries to claim the empty worlds around you would be best...

So putting all together, assuming your homeworld number is 123 (hint: it probably isn't), mail the following text to galaxy AT

     #GALAXY Sandbox1 PlayerXXX
     Y mypass
     O forecast
     O no fullreport
     O autounload
     O sortgroups
     C NewEmpireName
     D Probe 1 0 0 0 0
     P 123 Probe