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Phoenix has Finished

Phoenix is now completed. Viola Schmidt's Gryphons are victorious. Twelve players were originally in the game however one never turned in orders so she earns eleven more victory points to her lofty total.

For the record, there were a number of dropouts and a couple of new players starting in the middle. Even so at one point there were as many as three NPCs. Each was run very carefully using different AIs to be as fair as possible to everyone. I did do the talking like a regular player for each of them, though...quack!

I'll be sending out all the header lines and some maps when I get a chance. Between recent work changes and wedding planning my free time is a little scarce right now so please be patient.

Posted by John on 4/3/14 10:01 PM
Holiday Break

Greetings denizens of the Phoenix and Sombrero galaxies!

Due to a peculiar time flux in both galaxies, there will be a two-week delay in both. Phoenix turn 52 and Sombrero turn 20 will run on January 10th. So close the damn email and spend some time with family and friends.

My apologies for not including the notice in the turn report. I'm way to busy and sick this year. :(

From all of us at (just, you know, me):

Have a fun, safe, and happy holidays. May your empires grown at 8% and may all your bombings include industry.

Posted by John on 12/20/2013 8:16 AM
Sandbox1 Completed

Sandbox1 has been closed. Three players managed to stick it out to the end.

Posted by John on 8/20/2013 8:51 PM
Sombrero Delayed to 8/16

One more delay. I am in the middle of moving on 7/26 so I'm going to delay running the game a couple weeks. Here's the new game announcement:

Sombrero - A standard highlander game that will run once a week on Friday. Turn 0 will run on 8/9 (delayed from 7/26 because I've got to move that day). It will be a standard map but separation will be at least 30ly. The game will run even if we get a few less players than normal.

Posted by John on 7/24/2013 5:35 PM
Sombrero Delayed to 7/26

Sombrero has been delayed since we are short a couple players. We'll try to run it on 7/26 if can we get more signups.

Posted by John on 6/20/2013 5:35 PM
New Games Starting

Sandbox1 - A sandbox game for new players to learn to play and veteran players to try new strategies. This game will run twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) and run for 10 turns only and will not count for points in the hall of fame. Turn 0 will run on 6/7.

Sombrero - A standard highlander game that will run once a week on Friday. Turn 0 will run on 6/21. And si, this is a real galaxy (M104, 28 Mly away in Virgo).

Sign up for either or both today!

Posted by John on 5/30/2013 5:35 PM
Blind Galaxy at Gamex 2013

We will be hosting a small session at Gamex to show off Blind Galay to the board gaming community. Stop by at 2:00 PM on Saturday 5/25 to learn more about the game and how fun it is to play.

Posted by John on 5/17/2013 6:11 PM
Sandbox0 Finished

Sandbox0 has completed after 10 turns. The ratio of new players scared away to new players sticking with Phoenix is about 1:1. If another sandbox is needed for new players, just holler.

Posted by John on 2/1/2013 6:11 PM
New Galaxy Game Starting

A few years ago, I set up and vowed to run a game. Well it took a few more years then I thought it would (ok *cough* ten years). But better late than never, right? Well hopefully there are still people interested in playing! So that said, I.m very pleased to announce the new galaxy game: Phoenix. This will be a .classic. game using the standard map and the latest version of the code I could find. Turn 0 will run on 12/25/12 and turns will run once a week thereafter. If you would like to play, please send me your email address and optionally your starting empire name. Also, please take a look at to see how my mail server works (it is a little different). And of course, if you have any questions or comments, let me know as well.

I don't have a lot of the old player email addresses, so please forward this message to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!

One of the new players suggested setting up a sandbox game so that new players could get a feel for how to play. So starting next week I'll run another game that will have several NPCs so players can drop in and out for a few turns to play around. If you'd like to join that game, let me know. It won't count for anything and likely won't run more than a few dozen turns.

One final note: Being the first game, things may not go completely smoothly. So please be patient and understanding if we run into any bumps in the road.

Posted by John on 12/3/2012
New Site
The blind galaxy web site has been updated. It isn't pretty but it's functional for now at least. I've pulled what content I could from the internet archive from Howard's pages and my own backups. It seems the community has died off a little bit. :) Oh well, time to try starting a new game soon.
Posted by John on 12/2/2012